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512 SE 7th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
United States

(971) 888-4264

Eastside Distilling is Portland, Oregon’s premiere producer of premium hand crafted, small batch spirits, including Burnside Bourbon, Barrel Hitch American Whiskey, Cherry Bomb Whiskey, Marionberry Whiskey, Portland Potato Vodka, And Below Deck Rums located on Portland’s famous Distillery Row.


Eastside Distilling is Portland, Oregon’s premiere Distillery Row maker of hand-crafted, small batch spirits including bourbon, American whiskey, rum and potato vodka.

Tasting Time at Eastside Distilling

"We all have those nights where a certain spirit takes the party a little too far, and in front of me were a few of those old friends. But my smile stayed straight and my hand steady as he doled out the small sips of Below Deck Silver and Spiced Rum."
- Ryan Stevens

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Eastside Labs - Pink Potato Gin

Limited Release - 02/07/2017


Meet our newest crush!  The third edition of our very popular Eastside Labs Gin line hit the shelves on Tuesday, Feb. 7th as very limited release spirit.  Just over 1,000 bottles were produced of this vibrant, hibiscus hued, potato vodka based gin.  The finest quality botanicals were hand-selected by Master Distiller, Mel Heim, resulting in a truly original, floral forward gin that is sure to please the most discerning palate.  You ask, why pink?  We answer, why not?!  After many experiments and months of development it was the pink gin recipe that truly reflected the fun and finesse of crafting a unique and flavorful gin.  And while hibiscus is credited as having aphrodisiac powers, we're sure you'll fall for this gin regardless.  

"Like Ron Burgandy's love of Scotch, my love of gin is borderline obsessive."   - Mel Heim, Master Distiller/Obsessive Gin Lover  


Melissa "Mel" Heim to Serve as Executive VP Operations of Eastside Distilling

"I am excited to take on a greater leadership role with Eastside Distilling," said Melissa Heim, Executive VP of Operations.

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SaloonBox Behind the Scenes: Melissa Heim, Master Distiller at Eastside Distilling


We were amazed at the number of delicious spirits that the craft distillery Eastside Distilling manages to produce. Their spiced rum is the highlight of one of our October cocktails. 

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Eastside Distilling Craft Spirits Earn Top Honors at 2016 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

We are proud to announce our winning of two more awards to add to our growing list! We recently participated in The New York World Wine & Spirits Competition which is regarded as among the "Triple Crown" of wine and spirits competitions where judges include top food and beverage buyers, US Bartenders Guild mixologists, educators, beverage directors, columnists, writers, sommeliers and chefs.

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Profession Confession: Master Distiller, Eastside Distilling

Our very own master distiller Mel Heim interviewed on KGW-TV, Portland Sept 12, 2016. 

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Burnside Bourbon Named Best in the West 


Our Burnside Bourbon makes the best of the west bourbon list from

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Modern Distillery Age


Eastside Distilling of Portland, Ore., has expanded sales to California for its full portfolio. Eastside also sells in 19 other states and has doubled sales in the last year as part of its national rollout. 

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Portland Business Journal

Top 5 Distilleries in Oregon List
The top 5 Oregon distilleries for in-state sales, Eastside Distilling has increased sales and has moved to the #3 (2016) spot from #5 spot (2015).

Bourbon Cocktails For Derby

“I’m stepping outside of Kentucky this week and giving Oregon bourbon a try! These Derby-inspired cocktails are made with Burnside Bourbon provided by Eastside Distilling in Portland, Oregon.”

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Scott Fischer Uses Below Deck Spiced Rum

Chef Scott Fischer created a delicious Hot Buttered Rum Spiced Chicken & Shrimp, using our Below Deck Spiced Rum!

Farm Fresh Local Egg Nog with Below Deck Silver Rum on FOX 12 OREGON

Lindsay Strannigan from the Beaverton Farmers Market demonstrates an easy gourmet Egg Nog French Toast and an Egg Nog cocktail, using Below Deck Silver Rum Garry’s Meadow Fresh Egg Nog from Lady-Lane Farm in Mulino.

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Distiller –  Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon

Located on Distillery Row in downtown Portland, Oregon; Eastside Distillery is a true-to-form micro/craft space dedicated to bringing Oregon’s rich agricultural history to the forefront. Using only locally sourced product, Eastside is following it’s mantra ” Local Just Tastes Better”. The Oregon Oaked Bourbon takes their traditional Burnside Bourbon and continues aging for an additional 60 days in heavily-charred, new 59-gallon Oregon oak barrels.

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Job Or No Job: Eastside Distilling

Whiskey Wash Review: Burnside Bourbon

“I have to admit a certain penchant for Burnside Bourbon. One of the first local Portland, Oregon spirits I was truly struck by, it has held a special place in my heart since I first tasted it a few years ago.”

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Huffington Post on Burnside Bourbon

“Eastside Distilling has been named one of Portland’s top five distilleries (and there are many, many distilleries in the area), and for good reason. As reviewers have said, its burn will put some hair on your chest, but its balanced flavors will keep you coming back for more (and mixing it in your cocktails).” – Huffington Post

Whisky Critic:  Marionberry Whiskey

"Eastside would like you to slurp up all their marketing spiel about their 60% alcohol content [30 proof] Marionberry Whiskey and hope that you find its aroma to be like that of a “sweet mango” or its taste to be that of “warm brandy and stone fruit essences”. No. Ignore all that mollycoddling language. When you crack open a bottle of Eastside Distilling’s Marionberry Whiskey it smells like you just opened a top-shelf, fancy pants, extra-industrial strength bottle of’s nine million times better than Fireball."

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Bourbon and Banter: Marionberry Whiskey

“If you look at flavored whiskey reviews on this site, you’ll find few compliments. So let it be with great fanfare that I announce that Eastside Distilling’s Marionberry Whiskey is the best flavored whiskey I’ve ever had.” – Thomas Fondano

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12 Hours in Portland

Portland gets a lot of cheer for its craft beer, but the craft spirits industry also deserves some accolades. Belly up to the tasting bar and try out Eastside’s selection of vodkas, rums, and whiskeys, all of which barely resemble the mass-marketed booze you’ll find at most liquor stores. The flavored spirits are particularly compelling — unlike some of the bigger players, Eastside’s Marion Berry and Cherry Bomb are made with real fruit and are not at all overly sweet. Must-buy: Below Deck Coffee Rum.

Wine & Spirits Daily with CEO

Wine and Spirits Daily recently sat down with Eastside’s chief executive Steven Earles to talk about the company’s progress and how they got to where they are.

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Portland Saturday Market: UNWIND


WORK IS OVER. Enjoy a Friday evening with signature cocktails from six local distilleries and the smooth sounds of 3 Leg Torso.

The Oregon Tuna Classic

A Fishing Charity Event!

It all started in 2005 when a small group of fisherman joined together to steer their passion for fishing to a cause that would help feed the hungry.

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Festival of Eugene

Eugene’s Premiere Festival!

Get ready for Festival of Eugene 2.0 — this year’s celebration of all things Eugene, with music, poetry, food, vendors, a pet parade and more, is bigger and better than ever before. Eastside Distilling will be the Spirit sponsor, located in the beer garden serving up specialty cocktails.

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The Bite of Oregon

Portland’s Premiere Culinary Event for the People!From coast to Cascades to canyons, the Bite of Oregon is a stunning celebration of Oregon, its food, it’s drinks, its people and its extraordinary quality of life. Come join the fun with Eastside Distilling at the best summer party on the Portland waterfront and discover Oregon’s Bounty!

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