Below Deck Coffee Rum

  1. Coffee Rum

Coffee Rum

The strong flavor of coffee, but left out the sweet!

You’ve never tasted anything like it…
Locally-roasted Arabica beans give Below Deck Coffee Rum a deep smooth richness. In fact, there’s so much rich coffee flavor that it could only be made in Portland!

At the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Below Deck Coffee Rum was awarded the Silver Medal in the Flavored Rum category by a judging panel of expert spirits tasters.

Taste it and judge for yourself
Try Below Deck Coffee Rum today and taste the rich, smooth coffee flavor that the experts agreed was worthy of a medal!

We have many innovative recipes, still, we encourage you to try creating some of your own drinks. If you make anything of which you are particularly proud, let us know. For refreshing, summer time drinks, a citrus base works very well. If you are looking to warm up, a toddy or hot cider is another great choice.

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