Cherry Bomb Whiskey

Flavored Whiskey

A bold cherry-infused whiskey that can be enjoyed on the rocks, paired with your favorite cola, or enjoyed straight right out of the fridge.

Cherry Bomb Whiskey from Eastide Distilling is handmade with a blast of real Oregon cherries and aged whiskey.  All of the rich flavor and deep red color comes from real fruit – no artificial coloring or flavor extracts are used! The tiny bits of cherry pulp in the bottle are a testament to the natural source of flavor.

Awarded Gold Medals from the prestigious MicroLiquor Spirits Awards and the American Wine Society, Cherry Bomb Whiskey tastes great straight on the rocks, and mixes extremely well with vodka and soda. If you love Manhattans, you’ll love our new Cherry Bomb!

Cherry Bomb Whiskey is available  for tasting and purchase at the Eastside Distilling Tasting Room and at regional liquor stores soon.

How To Enjoy Cherry Bomb Whiskey

Our Cherry Bomb Whiskey is a wonderful change of pace from the world of serious Bourbons and Whiskeys, and offers itself as a very versatile compliment to many cocktail recipes, or alone over ice.

Featured Cherry Bomb Whiskey Cocktail Recipe: Cherry Cola

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Pairing Cherry Bomb Whiskey with Food

As a rich, flavored Whiskey, our Cherry Bomb Whiskey pairs wonderfully with similar desserts.  Some desserts to enjoy with Cherry Bomb Whiskey:

  • Rich chocolate cakes
  • Fruit based pies
  • Tarts
  • Bombolini
  • Sorbet

Cooking with Cherry Bomb Whiskey

The flavor of our Cherry Bomb Whiskey is not subtle, so infusing it into many meals is something to be done carefully.  Our suggestion is to take your favorite recipes such as BBQ sauces that would traditionally include Bourbon or Whiskey, or cakes or other desserts that ask for wine or rum, and substitute in Cherry Bomb Whiskey.

Featured Cherry Bomb Whiskey Food Recipe: Cherry Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

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Where To Buy Cherry Bomb Whiskey

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750ML / 60 Proof / 30% Alc/Vol
OLCC #1445B


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