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Barrel Hitch American blended Whiskey - re-imagined in 2019

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Barrel Hitch is an unpretentious, re-imagined addition to the category of American Whiskey(s) and our whiskey portfolio.  It wasn’t open fermented with heirloom grains and proprietary lab cultured yeast by mustachioed men or painstakingly sourced from rick houses across the globe.  It was column distilled from reliable Midwest corn and distillers yeast in the USofA by a team of professionals then blended appropriately by a woman here in PDX.  Provenance doth not make this whiskey what it is.   What it is, goes well with a light lager.  Or a recreation level kickball team.  That is, this whiskey isn’t fancy pants and we don’t think any celebrities are lining up to acquire it (but if they are, hit us up!).  The process of making this whiskey isn’t so much about finesse, rather, it’s about simplicity.   The mash bill is 100% corn for a not too anything whiskey.  Not too sweet, not too expensive, not too pretty to drink.  You don’t have to be a whiskey aficionado to hitch up to this sipper, shooter or whatever. 

 “Smells like sweet corn and husks, dry hay, grains and a hint of green apple. And it drinks a bit peppery, with corn prominent on the front palate, drying out to light wood, licorice and ethanol in the throat.  For $20 I’d get two.”

-Mel Heim, Master Distiller & Blender