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Below Deck Silver Rum


Meet the perfect rum for every occasion. Our handcrafted Below Deck Silver Rum is a clean, smooth, slightly sweet light rum that sips great solo or as a compliment to any cocktail – from tropical drinks to the classic rum and cola. As a mixing rum, Below Deck Silver holds its own when blended with strong citrus flavors and other mixers. We suggest the venerable Mai Tai or the spunky Mojito as a fun “first date” in your long, satisfying relationship with the popular, dependable Below Deck Silver Rum.

"Velvety, medium body rum with a sweep of tropical fruit, peppery anise and octane minerals. Like the Puerto Rican styles widely seen in the market today, Below Deck Silver Rum has a light cane flavor that is not overly sweet and not overly alcoholic." - Mel Heim, Master Distiller