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Below Deck Spiced Rum


We set out on a quest to create something extra special for a spiced rum. Take a sip of this aromatic, amber-hued spirit and you’ll discover a unique, naturally-flavored spiced rum with layers of flavor from the infusion of whole ingredients. This rum is the reward of one full year of research and development. It’s a trip around the world in one sip: Moroccan peppercorns, Sri-Lankan cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, Indian mace and California orange peel are a few of the hand-selected spices that make up this spirit. Delicious in mixed cocktails, it is a true representation of the category and sugar free.

“The rum grabs at your mouth and tongue – a tasty blend of warmth, zest and heat – and the quality of the rum shines through. Aromatic notes of burnt sugar, allspice, toffee, cinnamon, candied ginger, and molasses wash over the palate with a pleasant after taste reminiscent of a traditional cola." - Mel Heim, Master Distiller

2014 MicroLiquor Spirits Awards, Gold Medal
2014 Sip Northwest Best of Rums, Champion