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Visit a Tasting Room and Support Craft Spirits

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Portland is the land of towering trees, endless hiking trails, and some of the best craft distilleries in the country. For years the Pacific Northwest has been touted for our hop-heavy IPAs, quirky breweries, and award-winning wine country, leaving the distillery culture left with little share of the spotlight. Within the last decade, there has been an emergence of attention and pride within Portland’s craft distilling world, and throughout the U.S. We’re happy to say we’ve been a part of it all since 2003.  

But why visit a distillery tasting room?

  • See and taste spirits where they are produced. Some distilleries offer tours. 

  • Talk to distillers, tasting room employees, and people who are the most passionate about the product.

  • Distilleries often release one-off and special releases in the tasting room. Be the first to know about what’s new and hot in craft distilling.

  • They say liquor is an elixir — meet like-minded people who love craft spirits as much as you do. 

  • Some cities like Portland have a “passport” book for tracking your tours, along with discounts. 

  • Depending on which state the distillery is located, they may offer cocktails for you to experience the spirits in cocktail form in addition to straight up.

If you haven’t visited one of our four tasting rooms in the Portland area that are each uniquely designed to evoke the style, history, and vibe of their surrounding community, we not only promote our Portland roots, but we strive to celebrate the neighborhoods and landmarks that have been a part of the brand since the beginning. 

Enough about us though, you can visit tasting rooms all over Portland when you visit tasting rooms in Distillery Row. Cities across the U.S. have similar distillery districts where distilleries are coming together to promote the craft industry through tours, events, and tastings.

Of all of the reasons to visit a craft tasting room, the chance to taste through some seasonal or limited edition offerings that most liquor stores won’t have the chance to carry tops our list. For instance, in our tasting rooms during the holiday season you can taste through our line of Holiday Liqueurs, Peppermint, Spiced, and Eggnog. Since they only come out once a year, our tasting rooms become the hub of our holiday offerings. 

We also get the chance to work on some amazing collaborations that produce such a limited run, that the products never have a chance to hit the liquor store shelves before they’re gone. Just like one of our favorites, the Eastside Labs Gin, the tasting rooms will be the first (sometimes the only) spot to have it. 

The Eastside tasting rooms have been a part of the Portland landscape for over ten years, highlighting our love of the distilling world. Everyone who has had the chance to sip through our spirits, seek the advice of one of our trained brand ambassadors, or simply run into grab their favorite expression our Burnside Whiskey, has had the chance to find their go-to spot for craft spirits. Now it’s time to venture out and immerse yourself in all that distillery tasting rooms have to offer!