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Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye

Nose: Herbaceous with cassia and coriander, toffee, orange peel, peach and allspice.   

Flavor: Opens with pronounced dried spices and bold peach notes. Progresses mid-palate to a unique balance of malt and cassia and toffee then finishes with warm hints of mint and toasted oak.  A unique flavor experience like no other – spiced, sweet, balanced and full-bodied.  Distinctly Portland.   

Our re-branding unbundles Burnside Bourbon from the images of Major General Ambrose Burnside and realigns it with Burnside Street, the Portland street artery that divides Portland’s North and South. Burnside Street, now a thriving hub of activity that's alive with creative expression, showcases countless venues, iconic record stores and daily street performances that makes it the epicenter for one of Portland’s most celebrated music scenes. With so much history, color, and intrigue, Burnside Street had to be the foundation for the brand on its own.

Burnside’s new design, with its bold typography and unexpected color relationships, draws its inspiration from old music posters and garage-band flyers littering any number of telephone poles along the busy street. Burnside’s wordmark has a casual confidence about it that feels as appropriate today as it would have 100 years ago and fits comfortably in the “Keep Portland Weird” aesthetic.

Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye is a meticulous blend of straight rye and straight whiskey ranging in age, mash bill and terroir for a one-of-a-kind rye with a kiss of Garryana.  It's our first venture into rye and it was worth the wait - Glorious Oregon Oak!