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Cherry Bomb Whiskey



Our boldly flavored, gold-medal winning Cherry Bomb Whiskey is an entertaining change of pace from the world of serious bourbons and whiskeys. Handmade with real Oregon cherries from our partners at Oregon Cherry Growers and our aged small batch whiskey, the blast of juicy rich flavor and deep red color comes from all natural ingredients – no artificial coloring or flavor extracts are used. Cherry Bomb Whiskey tastes terrific straight on the rocks, and is a versatile cocktail recipe compliment. If you love Manhattans, you’ll love Eastside Distilling Cherry Bomb! It’s (pardon our pun) “cherry delicious.”

"Like warm cherry pie the fruit is the star of the show, then the baked dough. The liquid ‘pie’ joyfully plays with the hints of oak and spice that taste good enough to eat." - Mel Heim, Master Distiller

2014 MicroLiquor Spirits Awards, Gold Medal
2014 MicroLiquor Spirits Awards Package Design, Silver Medal