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Holiday Eggnog "Advocaat" Liqueur

We spiked it for you! You know what sweet, creamy-rich egg nog tastes like . . . now imagine it infused with our Silver Rum for an out-of-the-bottle holiday cheer like no other. Inspired by traditional Dutch and Belgian advocaat liqueurs, we wanted to create a holiday spirit just for ourselves. The result tasted so fantastic, we knew we had to share it. This is a home-made recipe using whole eggs, evaporated milk, our premium Below Deck Silver Rum and pure, organic lemon and vanilla extracts. It’s easily one of our most popular Eastside spirits.

"Velvety soufflé and warm crème with accents of lemon, custard and vanilla." - Master Distiller, Mel Heim

Holiday Peppermint Bark Liqueur

We’ve captured the taste of the holidays in a bottle. Chocolaty and delicious, it’s like drinking your favorite holiday confection. Our innovative Holiday Peppermint Bark Liqueur is made from the finest French extra brute dark cocoa chocolate, with a clean crisp flavor of real peppermint extract. We infuse these high quality ingredients with our smooth, handcrafted Below Deck Silver Rum for a memorable holiday liqueur – equally tasty savored over ice or in a festive peppermint cocktail. Give Holiday Peppermint Bark Liqueur a try and you’ll find that our “Bark” compliments our “Bite.”  *Please note that separation may occur as the cocoa is denser than the rum.  Simply warm up the bottle under hot tap water and shake back into solution. 

"Semi-dense sweet chocolate and pungent, refreshing mint.  This is made with our Below Deck Silver rum and brut French cocoa for an adult twist on a favorite holiday treat.  Not too sweet and easily enjoyed neat." - Mel Heim, Master Distiller

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Holiday Spiced Liqueur

Holidays are for celebrating and nothing will get you into a merrymaking mood faster than our Holiday Spiced Liqueur. 

It’s a sweet and spicy blend of seasonal natural spices including cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and allspice, infused with our handcrafted, quality Below Deck Silver Rum for a delicious holiday liqueur. Sip it straight or in warm-up-your-insides beverages. Holiday Spiced Liqueur is a spirited spirit, perfect for any festive affair or to shorten your holiday shopping list. Just be sure to get enough to give – and to keep.

"Opens with approachable cinnamon spiciness quickly followed by heavier accents of allspice, orange zest and clove.  Sweeter feel of molasses and vanilla leave an invigorating warmth across the entire palate.  This is a direct infusion of whole spices into our Below Deck Silver Rum.  A great addition to warm apple cider or hot tea." - Mel Heim, Master Distiller