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Portland Marionberry Vodka



Oregon’s original potato vodka has been amplified with the bounty of Willamette Valley Marionberries.  Portland Potato Vodka has always been an exceptional base for the DIY flavorist; whether macerating spicy habaneros, like our Portland HOT Potato Vodka,  or creating your own expression with what grows around you, this vodka provides the perfect blank canvas.  We’ve been working with marionberries for years (Oregon Marionberry Whiskey c. 2013) – sorry this took so long!

Because less is more, Portland Marionberry Vodka is a limited ingredient spirit:

1) Potato distillate for a smooth, burn-free sip. 

2) Whole, in-house juiced marionberries from Willamette Valley Fruit Company. 

3) Valencia Orange Peel to cut through the dense juice and act as a natural citric preserve (good for maintaining natural colors). 

4) Fructose - a hexose sugar found especially in honey and fruit; identical to the ‘sweetness’ profile of the berries to balance everything out.  Anyway, we think we nailed it!

"Portland Marionberry Vodka is a genuine venture into flavoring spirits.  The jammy, berry notes are lively and rich, unencumbered by added sugar and complemented by the water-like profile of our potato vodka.  Compared to other berry vodkas on the market I think we achieved the unachievable and crafted a complex vodka out a simple concept.” – Mel Heim, Master Distiller