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Portland potato Vodka Habanero


Hot Potato Vodka is a hand-crafted flavored vodka fueled by Secret Aardvark Trading Co. and Portland’s favorite craft distillery as voted by the people of Portland 2 years in a row!  Portland Hot Potato Vodka is a hand-crafted infusion of the proprietary habanero blend of Secret Aardvark’s flagship hot sauce with our award-winning Portland Potato Vodka.   The resulting spirit is a unique ‘Portland meets Tex-Mex flavor’ with just enough heat to slap the sass outta your mouth!  This collaborative effort was years in the making between two friends whose fondness for all things PDX made this the perfect marriage of products.  Try it in a Bloody Mary or straight in a shot glass should you be so bold! It is also seriously good with Pineapple juice and soda. WARNING: IT’S HOT!

"A perfect balance of fresh, bright habanero heat with a subtle fruit and sweetness followed by mellow ethanol. It’s a whole palate experience that is unforgivably hot. What did you expect?!"
- Mel Heim, Master Distiller