Canned Cocktails Are More Than a Craze

Portland Mule.png

The beauty behind the ready-to-drink (RTD) Portland Mule is not just the four-times distilled award-winning vodka, but its portability! Infused with fresh lime juice and a hint of real cane sugar, Eastside Distilling’s Portland Mule is as delicious as it is portable. This canned cocktail has been designed to be enjoyed on-the-go as well as in the moment. Embodying the rustic spirit of the Pacific Northwest, the Portland Mule puts craft in a can.

“Crafted in collaboration with Portland Syrups, the Portland Mule combines Eastside’s award-winning Portland Potato Vodka, spicy ginger syrup made from whole ingredients, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. We designed the Portland Mule to have a bold, balanced flavor with a refreshing finish. This Portland original is best enjoyed straight from the can or poured over ice. We hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we do.”

~ Mel Heim, Master Distiller at Eastside Distilling

One of our favorite sayings goes “pack it in, pack it out.” We believe in leaving a campsite, river, party, room, better than you found it. The slim-style can fits perfectly in picnic baskets and backpacks, saving room to bring snacks, or a few more cans to keep the other ones company.

Creating seamless moments where friends are able to gather, enjoy the experience, and create a memory was our inspiration for our canned cocktail. You don’t have to worry about lugging around multiple ingredients just to indulge in a well-made cocktail. Starting off with our fan-favorite vodka as a palette-tested foundation, we chose tart lime to bring out a bold punch and the spicy ginger syrup to bring all of the flavors together.

Our dedication to bringing a true cocktail to the world of RTD libations allows us to raise the bar for portable craft spirits, bringing the skills of a bartender to your campsite, party, or river excursion. Just because you’re not sitting at a hand-crafted mahogany bar doesn’t mean you can’t drink like you are.

Canned cocktails are trending as the next big thing, but they aren’t just a flash in the craft spirit pan. We’ve found a way to produce consistently delicious RTD offerings that exceed expectations and showcase the quality of expertly-prepared ingredients. The Portland Mule canned cocktail fits perfectly into the thin-line 250ml can and packs a bold 10.5% alcohol-by-volume, making it the perfect summer sipper, or year-round go-to canned vodka drink.

Fads and trends open the door for new ways of thinking and reshaping the box that we’ve put ourselves in. We’ve taken the momentum of the canned cocktail craze and harnessed it to bring a flagship product into the world of crafted cocktails. Offering the ability to go anywhere, be ready for anything, and play the perfect pairing for every occasion, the Portland Mule is the ideal plus-one to every celebration.